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Chippy Irvine gives slide presentations across the country. Her most recent topic is a discussion and interpretation of the style of English rooms. Starting with the English character, with its quirky but benign eccentricity, she goes on to the influences of history on the interiors of this seafaring nation, its inspired architects and decorators, and she shows a variety of dwelling spaces. These include some of the great English country houses, contemporary cosmopolitan London flats, Regency parsonages, and humble cottages. The slides she shows are gleaned from many sources. Though her latest book, The English Room has photographs by the eminent English photographer Christopher Simon Sykes, her slide lecture shows entirely different illustrations that will inspire the creation of varied personal rooms in both town and country. The lecture can be followed by a book signing of The English Room which is published by Bulfinch, a division of Little, Brown.




*DECORATING FROM 1066 TO TODAY: a personal and quirky look at the beginnings of interior decoration in less than an hour!

*THE ROMANCE OF ELEGANT LINENS: how to collect and cherish household textiles.

*LIVING WITH ANTIQUES: how to enjoy, arrange and care for antiques in the home.

Hoop House Cover

I’m Ron Patterson with Utah State University Extension in Carbon County. Last night we had some calm – it’s been kind of breezy yesterday – and so we had some calm and I put the cover on this high tunnel so we’re just about ready to start growing things in here. read more