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4 Must Haves For Your Business: The Drywall Industry Example

Hey, what’s going on, World Wide Web? This is James, this is Draw In Customers and today, we’re going to take on the challenge of a drywall company. But before I do, if you’d like, I’m offering a free five day video course to help you increase your revenues by 20% as well as reduce your workload by 20 hours per week. Simply click the link below or visit You know, we were doing some research, came across this guy who’s got a drywall company and we said, hey man, how’s business? And he said, typical, it’s not that great. Recession, economy, employees, we’re just not getting the people coming to see us that need some work done. It seems like the construction industry is permanently down. And you know, talking to this dude is kind of a downer so it sucked, but I said, dude, you know what, I’m going to see what I can do to pick you up.

So we had a little laptop and fired it up, we just say drywall and wherever you are located and we fired it up. What do we see? Terrible things. Terrible things, not only with this dude and his business but with other companies almost universally. Painting, drywall, all that jazz, they were terrible. If the companies even had a website, it was terrible, it was gross, some of them even had deer hunting and pics of rusty trucks and trailers and stuff like that. The content, brutal, the SEO, terrible. The fact alone that some of them had a website seemed to be the exception instead of the actual rule and that’s a sad, sad thing. So I talked to this dude and I’m like, show me your website. And he fires it up and it wasn’t even his, it was through some Yellow Pages or whatever website, so it was like, blah, blah, big-company-dot-com-slash-this-guy’s-crappy-company.

I’m like, dude, how many people do you have coming in checking out on the googly and coming across your website? I don’t know. How many jobs do you get? I don’t know. Of the jobs that you do get, do you know where the people are coming from? I don’t know. So I said, I’ll tell you what, how long have you been in business? He’s like, almost eight years. I’m like, okay, eight years ago you started this business because you’re good at painting and drywall, right? Yeah.

Alright so eight years ago, would you believe that right now today, this is where you would be? That’s why you started your business, to be in this struggling position that you are right now? He’s like no, no, that’s not what the plan was. Tell me what the plan was. The plan was to have employees, trucks, to have some more freedom with his family, make some more money than if he was just slapping mud and rolling paint with other people for business, right? It’s a typical story, right, rinse, repeat, everybody’s got this story, except for some successful businesses who make it at their eight year point where they want to be. So I said, dude, I’m going to help you.

First step, we’re going to get ourselves a real website, right? Boom-boom, boom-boom. It’s a little painful that I have to recommend that but this is the way this industry is, so here we go, real website. I talked to this guy and I’m like, hey, man, tell me about this website and he’s like, I can’t invest thousands of dollars on a website. No, no, no, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars on a website, I’m certain there are companies out there that would recommend that’s going to take 10 grand to make a website, the drywall people are going to be wanting to see, but likely, that’s not the case. In fact, I would err on the side of less than a thousand dollars. I might even throw it at five hundred bucks. I bet for $500 you could find some dude to throw together some WordPress website or some website that is miles ahead of your competition mainly because your competition is so terrible. This is like running a marathon, right, with all 350 pound people and you’re the one guy that’s 275. You can beat them, right, you’ve got the technology. It won’t take much.

So, real website, step one. Step two, we’re going to figure out somebody, somehow, some way to answer his phone, because presumably, when people come across, they’re like, drywall, location is, they’re going to find this guy’s real website and compared to everybody else, holy cow, this guy’s tip-top, this guy’s the best. This is like we just found Buddha, the mountain, Jesus, whatever. We found the pinnacle, the zenith, the best drywall guy we could ever possibly come across because everybody else is so terrible.

So you need somebody to answer your phone because the last thing you want is to do this, get your real website going, people are like, hey man, I found your website, I’m going to give you a ring, jingle, jingle, and you don’t answer your phone. Or maybe you do answer your phone but it’s your cell phone and you’re on the stepladder two stories up slapping on some drywall. Hey I can schedule you, let me get back to my truck, right? No, no, no, we’re stepping up our game with professionalism and the way that we’re going to do that is by getting a real website and answering our phone. Next thing we’re going to do, we’re going to get organized. I said dude, show me your calendar. Calendar? What calendar? I’ve just got this little notebook thing. We’re in the 21st century here, you got a smart phone or anything like that? Yeah, it’s all beat up, dusty, whatever. Alright, cool, doesn’t matter if it’s beat up, does it have a calendar? Yeah, I never use it though. Well how do you know where you’re supposed to be with jobs and stuff like that? Hey man, it’s right up here.


Okay well let’s just say up here, you get hit by a bus. What happens to your employees and stuff like that? He’s like, well I’ve only got a couple and I just tell them where to go. So I’m like, okay, you’ve got to do me a favor, forget you for just one second. These people are relying on a paycheck from you, right? They’re going to expect that you’re going to bring in some business, you’re going to bring in that money so that you can give them a paycheck. In order to do that, they have to know where to go, what to do, when to do it, how to do it, all that jazz. It’s all up to you so that if you get hit by a bus, they have a problem, they’re out of a job. And it turns out there are quite a few buses rolling around and every once in awhile, they hit someone. So you can’t control that, you’ve just got to be aware of it, see what you can do to keep these people employed, right? He’s got a good gig, regardless of all the stuff that you haven’t done, you survived eight years, got a couple of employees, bringing in some jobs but we can do better.

Let’s just take all the energy and the power and the focus that you stuck into this business, because you’re good at what you do. Let’s just focus that and let’s just say that we multiply it, right, times like .2 or .5 or .3, whatever, by throwing together this stuff, you are leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else, leaps and bounds. Now you get all these three things done and maybe you ought to check out some videos and get your employees to step up to customer service, you want people to recommend you. And I don’t know about you but some of the construction guys, the drywall guys, the painter guys that I’ve talked to, some are cool, some are decent. Some scare me, I think that a van just pulled up under a bridge and said hey, anybody know how to use a paintbrush? And people are just like yeah, I want to eat, and they just fired in the van and came to my house and they did some painting. Good or bad, the customer service was a little lacking so I’d recommend, hey, step up your game. You’ve got some people here, more people that are going to find you, answering your phone, you’re professional, you’re organized, ooh this is looking good, and you’ve got great technicians, great people slapping up mud, throwing up paint. I don’t know why anyone would use any other company besides yours because one, they can find you above and beyond anybody else.

So it’s just a recommendation, it’s just a suggestion, I said roll with this, right? What is this really gonna cost you? A few hundred bucks over the course of-let’s call it six months. You’re gonna sink a few grand in this, right, a few thousand dollars? And tell me, on a job that’s like a house or something like that, full remodel job, let’s say new house, let’s say apartment building or something like that, how many of those are you going to need to justify the expense in this? And he’s like, oh man, one apartment building, I’ll more than take care of that. Alright well let’s just say, is it a likely scenario that if you can get found on a website, you actually answer your phone and you get scheduled, you’re organized when you show up so you can keep your time down and your techs are tip-top, have great customer service, is it likely that you’ll get more jobs? I don’t know how anyone could say no to that.

So this is James, this is Draw In Customers recommending for you drywall and painter guys, step up your game, it’s cruel to the world what you’re doing to us right now, not having any websites, being hard to find and not answering your phone. So forget about all this other stuff, right? Get your website, get your phone answered, get organized, get tip-top customer service and boy, oh boy, that world is going to be a better place. So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you got something from it to grow your business.

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