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The First Targeted Project in Dubai

Believe me, the “Skyway technology” will be always, for decades, giving us a new programme for the development with serious capitalization, as in the case of venture capital projects. Dear friends, I congratulate all of you on a double holiday today, as we are now 1000 steps closer to what awaits us. Our marathon has started, and I wish everyone not to run out of breath and run together with SkyWay, overtaking our opponents. We have no competitors. With your permission, I will start our webinar about the most relevant and interesting in the SkyWay project. I would prefer to conduct each webinar not as a broadcast of news, but as an almanac of events, as an analysis of what is happening in the Skyway world.

Back in 1989, Anatoliy Eduardovich issued one of the most powerful publications: the program “EcoMir”.[EcoWorld] I have already familiarized myself with it more than once, I usually read it on the plane, probably, it is a good way to do it, when nothing distracts you. After having read it, I realized that for at least 50 years, we had had a development strategy. Such works, as well as the monetary and financial aspects of the program “EcoMir”, as well as “String Systems: On Earth and In Space”, is a must reading for the younger generation. This work should be adapted, in my opinion, in the form of pictures, in the form of children’s coloring books, children’s fairy tales, as this is the future that awaits us all. Now it is inexorably approaching everyone living on the planet Earth. You might have heard that Sharjah has received the title of Cradle of Arab and Islamic Culture. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi is the Ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah, he is 79 years old, and Anatoliy Eduardovich, our Leonardo da Vinci, turned 70 on 16 April.

There is a huge number of parallel processes that are taking place both in the territory of the future SkyWay Scientific Innovation Centre in Sharjah and at of CJSC “String Technologies”. Now, everything is united by a single digital system 3DEXPERIENCE, the developer of which is Dassault Systèmes. We’ll talk about that later. I believe that UNESCO’s awarding the Emirate of Sharjah with the title of Cradle of Arab and Islamic Culture and giving this title to the Ruler of the Emirate was deserved and timely. I admire the words of Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, who said, that we should create and not destroy. These words resonate with our ideology, and scientific work of Anatoliy Eduardovich, his monograph, with drawings, calculations and watercolour drawings. These drawings were admired by the Head of Dassault Systèmes, the creator and founder of the company, which is engaged in the development and sale of software and services that ensure the operation of production processes and allow to see in 3D the life cycle of the product from the stage of its creation to its disposal. He admired the watercolour drawaings. You can see the emotions, you can see our big strategic partners taking pictures in the background, and you can see at what level this presentation is taking place. This is an appraisal of the genius of our modernity, and the future founder of the trillion-dollar corporation, as the good that the SkyWay project brings, outshines all the values of many corporations taken together.

All this would not make sense if we had no agreements and no progress in the direction of targeted projects, if there would be no agreements at the highest state level. And here’s the latest news that the Prime Minister of the Arab Emirates has officially approved and signed the projects that were presented by RTA (Road Transport Authority). As for the SkyWay technology, there will be a very serious project, one of the first projects that is being publicly covered. Take my word for it, a very big strategy is being developed at the same time. The cost of the projects that are underway is not $ 100 million or $ 200 million, the numbers are significantly larger. Now, there is a construction in Sharjah, and we, as the company-developer of the technology on the one hand, and the contractors, on the other hand, have made certain commitments in the territory of this country. All this is happening with the support of the government. These are the next tweets for a billion, trillion, but we’d better avoid huge numbers. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has already confirmed that there will be a project, and a 15-kilometre urban transit system will transport passengers between the Dubai skyscrapers. That’s the passenger carrying capacity of 8,400 people per hour. The task was to link the string transport with the Dubai metro, which was not not easy, but the task was solved by the specialists of CJSC “String Technologies”.

There was created a unified architectural ensemble. Look at this visualization. You can just flip through and not conduct a webinar, as the news speaks for itself. I would like to give an example that struck me at the Kyrgyz conference. It was the example of the dividends from the airport of Manas. This is not a large international airport, a small number of aircraft take off and land there, and in 1996 year one person invested 2 thousand rubles in the airport. He gets 200 dollars a year from a thousand shares, and there are people who have 15 thousand shares, so they get 3 thousand dollars. Imagine that we will have a huge number of such airports. I’m not even talking about targeted projects with high profitability. Specifically in Manas, this happened 10 years later, and it is not a global direction, but a local one, in Kyrgyzstan. Now imagine what kind of dividends there will be in our direction. People always think about it, and I am always asked the question: When and what kind of dividends will there be? We will get dividends when the company starts getting profit. When it is showing a growing profit for three years at a row, you can start thinking about the IPO, where you can sell your assets if you would like to. After having closed stage 15, there will appear the instruments of redemption, and these will be the instruments from the Parent company. We are also waiting for a very serious and modern direction – tokens. This is blockchain economy. There is being prepared a mechanism now, when you will be able to confirm and transfer the number of shares that you have exchanged for tokens to the logic of Skyway tokens, not just in the terms of an agreement, but by the confirmation of your mail. This will be technically implemented, and this Smart contract will be rechecked by several teams. In my opinion, it will be right with any blockchain solution, because it is the basis of both technical and financial security. Of course, there are various backup systems inside automated systems, but as for the blockchain, it will further increase security. With regard to entering the Exchange and product’s entering the market, initially, it will be packed at the global market.

First, the major players of the venture market will start it, and then, it will be packaged at the international marketing scale. Those, who have exchanged their shares to tokens, are already in this game. And then, after the first successful story, we, as people, who joined the project at its most risky stage, will join the Blockchain at a less risky stage. Following the great news that confirmed that all the projects presented by the RTA of Dubai had been approved and would be implemented, I would like to briefly say about our test site, which is being built in the Emirate of Sharjah. All agreements would not have made much sense if we had not increased the speed that we now have. The first anchor supports have been installed. This event will go down in the recent history of SkyWay, alongside with the installation of the first support in Maryina Gorka. My heart just skipped a beat.

We live in the same information vacuum as everyone else, and we do not know what is happening at the site. But in early May, we, as members of SKY WAY CAPITAI Board, will be presented what is happening on the territory of the future world Scientific Innovation Centre in Sharjah. We are sure to film that, and tell about everything that we saw. I remember being asked a question in 2015 and 2016: “How can we scale, how can we build quickly and simultaneously all over the planet?” At that time I had only confidence and hope. Now, it is 3dexperience technology of Dassault Systèmes company. This will allow on the basis of the created technological foundation to scale as much as possible and apply the best industrial and infrastructure practices on our site.

Next, we will create productions quickly, simultaneously, in the unified platform, in the unified digital system around the world. Even if the contractors are a little late now, you’ve seen how much we’ve accelerated. This is the acceleration of the SkyWay athlete which is carrying the torch of the EcoMir program ideology. Recently, there has been installed the first support, which is the brilliant architectural design from both the point of view of strength of materials, and from the point of view of theoretical mechanics and other engineering disciplines. I am now more than confident that everything will be fine in the Arab project, because from a small calculation, all this is a part of the unified digital environment. I do not know any other examples of who is able to do this at the startup phase, creating a new powerful global network.

This is a whole project with which you can enter the world market. Alexey Voylenko said that there was an opportunity, without creating stations and rolling stock, but just wearing 3D glasses, to walk around the SkyWay infrastructure facilities and ride the rolling stock, correcting those defects which would arise, even before creation of real samples. This is something I could not dream of in 2014, when we were visiting the first offices of CJSC “String Technologies”. I really like this slide. Look at this chart and make an association with future dividends. When this comes to life, the dividends will follow the trend of the same chart. I am sure that we will be able to fulfill this vector of development because we are already moving with great speed. Now we are forbidden to engage in the development of targeted projects, except for those projects that have already been developed earlier, and for which there is funding of more than 40-50%. These projects are ongoing. But now, it is strictly forbidden to engage in targeted projects in the network, and this is normal. Otherwise, we won’t be able to hold the bar. Business should be handled by professionals. We are a company that positions itself as a company preserving the biosphere. What other corporation sets such an idea? I don’t know. Our company also aims at eliminating and finding solutions to social and environmental problems and improving the life of humanity as a whole.

This is a huge value and usefulness to the society. And of course all this will contribute to the growth of the project exponentially. There will be an increase in capitalization and dividends. There will the price rise in our shares in the near future. Look how surprised were the participants of the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM while watching Alexey Voylenko’s presentation. Now, the time has come when we no longer need to build conference schedules. Everyone has heard about the Skyway technology at the forum, which was organized by Dassault Systèmes, and which brought together the largest top managers from very serious enterprises. Everyone was listening attentively, and maybe were thinking that it is worth looking more closely at the Skyway project.

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