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Installing Metal Roofing

Installing metal roofing is a good idea for any home, and a welcome durable addition to any roof. Metal is durable and weather resistant, and is even the most fire resistant material used for roofing. Unlike wooden shingles, or clay tiles, metal will stand up to harsher conditions without a problem, and is also fairly lightweight. That means you’ll need a strong roof to support this weight, but metal roofing also lends itself to a variety of different styles, so you can find something to suit your unique needs.

But before installing metal roofing, there are a few preparations you should make on your roof. First off, you’ll need accurate measurements of your roof’s surface area so that you can get a good idea of how much material you will need. If you don’t have previous experience at measuring a roof, make sure you get help from someone who has. Otherwise you run the risk of taking inaccurate measurements. You’ll need accurate measurements to get a good material quote from a provider. Once you have accurate measurements, you’ll be able to start shopping around for roofing materials.

You can purchase metal roofing supplies from a hardware store like Home Depot, but usually these materials are heavily marked up. The best option is to try and seek out a manufacturer directly. You can save a lot of money by going direct with top brands like Decrabond or Gerard. Both offer a wide variety of shingles and panels, depending upon which style you choose for your roof. When shopping, remember that both steel and copper panels tend to be cheaper because they are often composed of recycled materials. That’s better for the environment and also for your pocketbook.

Decide whether or not you’ll be handling installing metal roofing yourself, or whether you’ll have the job done by a professional. Self installation saves a lot of money, but is very hard work, and you have to know what you’re doing to ensure the job gets done properly. Contracting a professional is more expensive, but you’re also much more likely to have the best roof possible. Remember that purchasing new roofing is more of an investment, so if you don’t feel comfortable with self installation, installing metal roofing professionally is your best option. Otherwise you run the risk of not installing correctly, or damaging your roof in the process.

If you plan on installing metal roofing yourself, then you’ll have to have the proper tool set on hand. Necessary hand tools include the standard handyman set of tape measurers, hammers, and nails to actually attach each panel. Usually with self installation user friendly aluminum systems tend to be best. Most of these feature self interlocking edges for easily managing your panels. The best to use though are four sided locking mechanisms, as they provide the most secure panels possible. Although this type of lock is one of the most complicated to pull off when installing metal roofing, your roof will last longer and hold up to the elements that much better.

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