Roof Coatings

Choosing the right type of roof coatings is essential, when you’re looking for new and more convenient ways of keeping your home more energy efficient. The right type of coating can actually make your home seal in heat or cool air, like you just couldn’t do before. This way, you’ll be able to run your air conditioner less in the summer, and you won’t use up quite so much fuel heating your home in the winter. That’s a great way to bring costs down, and just to be more environmentally friendly altogether. What’s more, the right roof coatings are also going to seal out moisture, to better protect your roofing material, so that you can extend the life of your roof, before you need to get out there and perform any major work.

When it comes to picking the right type of roof coatings, you’re going to find that you have quite a few options. For example, you’re going to be able to choose between coatings like rubber, vinyl, and even tar, and each can have their benefits, and disadvantages. You’ll find that vinyl is basically the gold standard, and can give your roof that fantastic glossy look that most people would like to achieve. What’s more, it’s long-lasting as well, so you can ensure that you won’t need another coat for a few years. Also, it’s guaranteed to seal out moisture and protect the surface of your roof. It’s also fantastically lightweight, so it can be installed on literally any home.

When it comes to rubber roof coatings, you’ll find that these can be ideal for providing your home with more energy efficiency than most other types. They are not always the most attractive, as they will give your home that black rubber look. That means the roof isn’t going to be glossy or attractive, but you’ll find that this type of material is ideal for keeping your home’s temperature at the right setting. This type of material can harness the heat of the sun, to ensure that you’re able to keep your home perfectly warm. Or what’s more, it can also trap in cool air, so that you don’t have to spend so much on air conditioning. Plus installing this type of coating can actually earn you tax credits, as it’s an energy efficient type of roofing.

If you’re looking for the most classic approach, tar is always going to be your answer, and this can be ideal for doing what both rubber and vinyl are capable of. However, they are not ideal for all roofs, and you’ll find that usually you’ll need to have a flat room in order to install this type. What’s more, tar is very heavy, and can cause a weak roof to cave in. That means you’re going to need to ensure that your roof is properly strong beforehand.

Typically when you’re looking to buy the best roof coatings, hardware stores are going to be your best stop. There you can find a selection of all the best materials, as well as the supplies you need to put them on. Through Home Depot or Ace Hardware, you can find just the roof coatings you want, to make your home more energy efficient.

Metal Roofing Manufacturers

Metal roofing is usually the best choice that you can make to outfit your home against the elements. No other type of roofing lasts longer or stands up to harsh conditions as well. Although metal roofing is also the most expensive type of material, and that can be a huge drawback for some. But that investment will get you a roof that lasts you much longer than any other material, and that keeps your home safe with an unrivaled level of protection. So in order to outfit your home, you’ll need to find metal roofing manufacturers.

But before you make any purchases, you should consider a few of the pros and cons of purchasing from metal roofing manufacturers. Metal roofing is by far the most durable type, and will last the longest without requiring service. But there are a few cons with that durability. One being that metal roofing is very loud in rainy weather, louder than any other type. Also in harsh conditions like hail, materials like aluminum and copper can get dented, which could give your roof an unattractive look. Steel is the most durable and less likely to be dented in any weather condition, so keep that in mind.

Typically manufacturers vary based upon the region in which you live, but the brand names tend to be the same. Brands like Gerard, Decrabond and Met-Tile are typically found anywhere, and it’s good to stick with a popular metal roofing manufacturer like these. To make a purchase in your area, you’ll have to find a roofing specialist, or a manufacturer hub. Usually it’s cheaper to go to metal roofing manufacturers directly, but that’s not always available in the area you may live. In that case you’ll have to find a local dealer to serve your needs.

The best way to find a dealer of roofing materials in your area is to use the internet to find a specific company. A website like is a great place to go if you live on the east coast. Otherwise the most tried and true website for roofing contractors is Both have adequate resources to find metal roofing manufacturers in your area, as well as contractors so that you can get price quotes on professional installation. Remember to keep a large list on hand to make your inquiries, so that you can be sure to find the best price for your home budget. As metal roofing is expensive, you’ll want to shop around prices a lot, to find the cheapest that you can.

Remember though, that there are a few preparation steps you should take before calling contractors. The first of which is taking accurate measurements of your roof so that you can receive accurate quotes. The surface area of your roof needs to be measured perfectly, as well as the incline of your roof. Both will have a bearing on the final price you can expect, and your accuracy will determine how close the price quote will be to the actual amount you’ll have to pay. Metal roofing manufacturers assign price by square foot, to accommodate panel sizes, so accuracy is key to getting a good price quote.

Metal Roofing Materials

When you’re thinking about redoing the roof of your home, metal panels and shingles are usually the best choice available. While metal roofing materials are more expensive than most other types, they make up for that by being the longest lasting. Compared with wooden and asphalt shingles, a metal roof will last upwards of 30 years longer than either. That means more time you don’t have to deal with fixing and reinstalling roofing on your home. Metal also stands up to the environment’s harsh conditions much better than any other type. Metal roofing materials are water proof, and fire resistant, so your home will be safe no matter what the weather throws at you.

When choosing a type of metal roofing material, you’ll find that there are a variety of options laid before you. Each material has it’s own advantages and disadvantages from price, to durability, to availability. The major metal roofing materials you’ll find are steel, copper, and aluminum. Steel is the most commonly used material, and is much stronger than copper or aluminum, but is also heavier. You’ll need to have a strong roof to facilitate steel panels. Steel also comes with durable panels that have been coated with a number of different finishes to avoid the possibility of rusting from weather conditions. Steel also comes in a wide variety of colors so that you can match your panels to any home style.

Copper can be very expensive as well, but is more lightweight than steel, so it lends itself to more uses. Copper is also much easier to adapt to different tools for changing shape and size, to perfectly contour to your roof. This metal roofing material is naturally resistant to rust, so there’s no worry from rainy conditions. Copper has also been in use for centuries, so it’s a tried and tested type of roofing that is guaranteed to last you a very long time, without any fuss.

Aluminum is the most lightweight type of metal roofing material, and lends itself to the most domestic use because of that. Aluminum can be painted with a variety of different finishes so that it can be contoured to your home’s look and feel. Aluminum also features similar coatings to steel to ensure you don’t have any trouble with rusting over the years. Although aluminum’s lighter composition can create a few problems in high wind conditions, you shouldn’t have any major problems.

To bring down the cost of a metal roof, you can also look for recycled materials. Usually recycled copper and steel are available from major roofing manufacturers like Gerard and Met-Tile. Shopping from a metal roofing material manufacturer is also recommended so that you can avoid any industry mark ups by shopping at a hardware store. But make sure to check prices at more than one location, so you can ensure you can find the cheapest quoted price for your roof. That way you’ll have metal roofing materials you can rely on to keep your home pristine and safe in any weather condition.

Metal Roofing Prices

Metal roofing is the way to go if you’re planning on redoing the roof of your home. Metal stands up to the elements much better than other materials like wood, asphalt, or clay. Plus metal is much more fire resistant than any other material, making it ideal for long term home safety. But the downside of this type of material is cost. Metal roofing prices can get very high, depending upon the type of materials you choose. But if you consider your new roof an investment, you can’t get a better material than metal.

Before you consider metal roofing prices, you may be asking yourself why is metal the best choice? Well compared with other types of roofing material, metal has an unrivaled level of durability. Wooden shingles are more fire resistant now than they once were, but wood is still a flammable substance, and that can be dangerous in the wrong conditions. Clay tiles are very heavy and expensive, and are more of decorative roof solution than a practical way to cover and maintain your home. Asphalt shingles require replacement every twenty years, meaning a lot of work goes into a cheaper material like asphalt. You’ll have to look forward to changing them yourself, or having professional installation every two decades.

Unlike other materials, metal also reflects heat instead of absorbing it, so your home will be much cooler in the summer. Although a negative of this, is that your home won’t hold heat as successfully in the winter time. Metal roofing on average lasts for around 50-60 years before requiring replacement, making it an ideal long term home solution. So despite the cost, metal roofing prices should be considered an investment into a roof that will stand up to the elements, no matter the circumstances. So consider how long you plan on living in your home, and if you plan on living there for some time, metal roofing is the way to go.

To determine the metal roofing prices you can expect to pay for a roof of your home’s size, there are a few things you can do. The first of which is to accurately measure the size of your roof. Having an accurate surface area calculation will enable you to figure out the price of any materials that you look at. Accurate measurements are also important so that you can have the job quoted properly, if you choose to use a roofing contractor for installation.

Metal roofing prices on average will cost you around $5 per square inch to be installed. This is vastly different when compared with other materials, which are much cheaper. But what you get in return is a roof that will last you a very long time. You can bring down the cost a little by using recycled materials. Instead of brand new aluminum panels, consider using recycled steel, and you’ll be surprised how much the price comes down. Also, if you’re having your roof installed professionally, metal roofing prices aren’t that much higher than any other material. Plus your metal roof will last much longer than any other material.

Residential Metal Roofing

Residential metal roofing is the best choice you can make for a long lasting quality roof that you can rely on. Unlike other materials like wood and asphalt, metal lasts for a much longer time, and also stands up to the elements much better. Although, metal roofs tend to be more expensive than other materials. But for that price you’ll have a roof that can handle any storm and weather condition, and that won’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Residential metal roofing is the way to go if you want to protect your home with as little maintenance fuss as possible.

The biggest factor that makes residential metal roofing so much better than any other material, is durability. Asphalt shingles are the cheapest option, and they will function well enough, but they don’t stand up to time. Over time your shingles can detach, leaving open spots where water can leak through and damage your roof’s structure. Plus asphalt shingles have to be completely redone every few decades, meaning the old roof has to be torn off for new shingles to be installed. This is a hassle, and will be pretty expensive over time.

Metal roofing is made to last longer, and stand up to time much better. While an asphalt shingled roof will only last for a few decades, metal roofs are designed to last for the better half of a century. That extra cost for metal panels will get you a roof that is completely waterproof, and more fire resistant than any other material. Metal panels also come in a wide assortment of colors to adjust to any home style. In fact, the only complaint anyone can have about residential metal roofing, is simply the more expensive price.

But if you think of your roofing choice as an investment, you can easily write off the extra price with the fact that metal is safer and will last you longer. To get a good idea of the prices you can expect to pay, you should measure your roof, to get the exact dimensions, so you can gauge how much materials will cost you. Remember to measure for surface area, as well as your roof’s incline. Both have a huge impact on price. On average, depending upon the type of metal you choose, panels will cost you from $4.50 and up, per square inch. That means in order to completely cover the average roof, you’ll end up spending well in excess of $35,000.

That seems expensive now, but remember how much longer residential metal roofing lasts, compared to other materials. Asphalt shingles aren’t worth the cheaper price, when you factor in the extra work and constant installation you’ll need to redo your roof over and over again. There are also a few things you can do to bring down the cost of your residential metal roofing. Instead of going through a hardware store for your supplies, go directly to a manufacturer. This usually brings down cost a good percentage. Also consider using a material like copper for your roof, as they are mostly comprised of recycled materials, and that can really bring the cost down.

Installing Metal Roofing

Installing metal roofing is a good idea for any home, and a welcome durable addition to any roof. Metal is durable and weather resistant, and is even the most fire resistant material used for roofing. Unlike wooden shingles, or clay tiles, metal will stand up to harsher conditions without a problem, and is also fairly lightweight. That means you’ll need a strong roof to support this weight, but metal roofing also lends itself to a variety of different styles, so you can find something to suit your unique needs.

But before installing metal roofing, there are a few preparations you should make on your roof. First off, you’ll need accurate measurements of your roof’s surface area so that you can get a good idea of how much material you will need. If you don’t have previous experience at measuring a roof, make sure you get help from someone who has. Otherwise you run the risk of taking inaccurate measurements. You’ll need accurate measurements to get a good material quote from a provider. Once you have accurate measurements, you’ll be able to start shopping around for roofing materials.

You can purchase metal roofing supplies from a hardware store like Home Depot, but usually these materials are heavily marked up. The best option is to try and seek out a manufacturer directly. You can save a lot of money by going direct with top brands like Decrabond or Gerard. Both offer a wide variety of shingles and panels, depending upon which style you choose for your roof. When shopping, remember that both steel and copper panels tend to be cheaper because they are often composed of recycled materials. That’s better for the environment and also for your pocketbook.

Decide whether or not you’ll be handling installing metal roofing yourself, or whether you’ll have the job done by a professional. Self installation saves a lot of money, but is very hard work, and you have to know what you’re doing to ensure the job gets done properly. Contracting a professional is more expensive, but you’re also much more likely to have the best roof possible. Remember that purchasing new roofing is more of an investment, so if you don’t feel comfortable with self installation, installing metal roofing professionally is your best option. Otherwise you run the risk of not installing correctly, or damaging your roof in the process.

If you plan on installing metal roofing yourself, then you’ll have to have the proper tool set on hand. Necessary hand tools include the standard handyman set of tape measurers, hammers, and nails to actually attach each panel. Usually with self installation user friendly aluminum systems tend to be best. Most of these feature self interlocking edges for easily managing your panels. The best to use though are four sided locking mechanisms, as they provide the most secure panels possible. Although this type of lock is one of the most complicated to pull off when installing metal roofing, your roof will last longer and hold up to the elements that much better.

Metal Building above

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Building Supply

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