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10 Year Forecast – From the Watson IoT Cognitive Building Forum

Guy Raz (Host) – So one of the amazing things about the tech world is the constant buzz you hear. You know from everything going on inside of it and you can say it’s the buzz of relentless innovation or the sound of engineers working around the clock and the hub of activity that we’re hearing about today is already shaping what we do and how we’ll do it tomorrow. And that’s exactly what our last segment is all about so how will the concepts were discussing today impact our future.

Here are some possibilities Sanjay Brahmawar (IBM) – So you heard from from our guests that there are some truly transformative things that are happening with IOT in many different industries, but i would like to address the question so why is it happening now? You know. And as we are working with our clients we had IBM have found that Internet of Things is no longer just a technology issue. It’s really a boardroom topic most of the times I’m talking to CEOs and they are really interested in how this is going to help them transform their industry. They’re looking at how is it going to help them transform and reduce the operational costs dramatically. They’re looking at how is going to help them leapfrog competition and they’re also looking at potentially how it’s going to help them change their business models. Move from a product to a service is kind of business. So this truly you know it is going to really help shape the future of many organizations.

So I wanted to share with you you know how we are working with organizations and how we’re helping them to make this transformation. So a couple of points. First of all there’s cognitive computing, you know I can’t overstate the impact that this technology will have on organizations and in particular if you combine cognitive computing with IOT the the impact is tremendous. So we are if you were beginning to see how this will all help clients take the lead in the industries and by applying these cognitive API’s how we can unlock the huge potential and innovation across several levels of society.

So we in IBM are very very excited about this and we think that lots of transformative business models will evolve and come out in the future leveraging cognitive computing. So that’s one. Another area is edge computing and you probably heard from all I guess about billions and billions of connected devices now and what insights we can gain from all the data that we will collect through them in the cloud. But you know think about a situation what if you don’t have access to high bandwidth connectivity. What if you’re an organization like a mining company or a shipping company or a factory you know? What if you’re your remote and you don’t have the advantage of high bandwidth? How do you get that that intelligence?

Well this is where edge computing enables companies to gain immediate actionable inside at the point of data collection or what we call at the edge of the network. So we are very excited we’ve just announced a fantastic partnership with Cisco. It’s about delivering robust analytics virtually anywhere and at any time at the edge and and this is this is something we believe is going to be very exciting in the industry.

So third area we’re also looking at augmenting IOT data with external data. And a good example is the Weather Company that we recently acquired. So how do we combine the weather data and leverage the cognitive capabilities of Watson to be able to you know to study the past and present weather data and draw out those insights that would not have been possible in the past. So how how to use new sources of data combined them with the data that organizations already have and create that valuable insight. So I would like to say that clearly you know we as IBM see a very bright future of cognitive computing and the Internet of Things.

Guy Raz (Host) – Well we certainly cover a lot of ground today and touched on some pretty fascinating topics around cognitive buildings and the cool thing is we are all participants in this evolution were both end users and input stakeholders and beneficiaries. And over the coming months will be hosting several forums each in a different city in each covering a unique area of focus in the Internet of Things. Have a great day.

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