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Why I shouldn’t have another child

I was thinking this week how I had TOTAL amnesia about my first pregnancy and I wanted to write you a note to let you know when you start to think of having another child in the future the things you need to remember to make a fully informed

decision (and from Mamma Raj from the past I have to say from the outset DON’T DO IT !)

How can you forget those crazy body changes. It goes from slightly uncomfortable to outright painful.   Although yes yes you do get amazing luscious hair….but a little bit too luscious in all areas not just on your head … jesus! Note to self : you will need to keep that in check so you don’t become a bearded lady overnight – I just found white hairs underneath my chin today – oh dear. Why don’t people tell you about these? Wouldn’t it just be a polite thing like telling people they have lettuce between their teeth??

You will be totally exhausted. Remember when you when you get home from work and fell asleep on the couch promptly. Last pregnancy I thought this was just for a couple of weeks. Oh no! I want to remind you this happened throughout the pregnancy from the start to the finish where Pappa Raj feels like he is  home alone most nights as you snore on the couch. But you should be happy you get some sleep as between getting up throughout the night to a teething and/or sick toddler and frequent toilet stops.  Yes it truly is a long time before you will sleep again. Hmmm sleep what?

Sexy is not in the vocabulary. No need for explanation here. It hard not to look dumpy and frumpy with a bowling ball on your front and clothes that make you look like a thousand pounds bigger than you are. However this time you know these clothes aren’t just for pregnancy but you will probably use them after pregnancy too.  A reminder  to eat less chocolate!!!!

I know pregnancy isn’t an illness (I swear I need to come up with a new name and re-brand pregnancy as a type of illness to get some empathy) but it is quite important to note that you won’t get a break. People still expect you to perform at work and do everything you are doing – and more – outside of work right up until the end of your pregnancy. You would expect people to give you a seat on public transport- not a chance. You would expect people not to ask you to entertain/ put on a dinner at your house  just before you are due – not a chance. You would expect that people would not expect you to stand up for long period of time at a function – not a chance. People forget the effort to grow a human – just like running a marathon. I had to put that in there  …I suspect Mamma Raj now and the future won’t complete a marathon. This is as close as you are going to get.

I do need to put in here a nice part about having another wonderful human being in your life. You know all about this as you enjoy every day with your gorgeous daughter but this is to reminder that pregnancy is not a walk in the park and it gets harder with each kid and it seems to take FOREVER – 9 months is a REALLY long time.  REMEMBER THAT!!!!

Now make sure that before Pappa Raj throws that leg over, you are clear…no more babies!

Lots of love

Is this how you felt when you were in your third trimester? How do we forget about these things?


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